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Laguna Hills Half Marathon – The Ultimate Sacrifice

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The Laguna Hills Half Marathon was in support of the 3rd Marines, 5th Battalion of the United States Marine Corp.  It was a gorgeous day spent with the family honoring one of the most decorated infantry battalions in the USMC.

Vermont Sun Half Marathon – Endless Beauty

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Date: 9/23/2018 Results: 1:42:54 Race/State: Race #48, State #22 The Vermont Sun Half Marathon is set in one of the most beautiful places on earth, well Vermont!  I spent at least five minutes stopping to take pictures or just to admire the view.  I truly don't care about fast times if by running fast you miss all that beauty.  Check out a few of the panoramic shots I took, [...]

Cape Cod Trail Race and Half Marathon – Looping the Pond

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The Cape Code Moves Half Marathon is a beautiful race that starts at the YMCA and loops around Spectacle Pond in Sandwich, MA.  I mean, who doesn't love a good sandwich?

Go! St. Louis Half Marathon – The Cards and a Bud

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The Go! St. Louis Half Marathon is a great way to see the city of St. Louis.  The race starts under the Gateway Arch, winds into East St. Louis, over two bridges, through all the districts and finishes where it began.

Run Bentonville Half Marathon – Walmart State of Mind

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The Run Bentonville Half Marathon is a fun run that loops out and around the town.  The last 4 miles of the course wandered through a system of trails that provided a bit more eye candy than a simple road race. 

Encinitas Half Marathon – Running with Junior

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The Encinitas Half Marathon is an amazing race.  In fairness, it is my hometown so I'm also a tad biased.  Its a gorgeous course run along the ocean, its close to home and this was the FIRST time I ran with my son Gage. 

Temecula Half Marathon – What’chu Talkin’ Bout’ Willis

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The Temecula Half Marathon was our first experience in the San Diego County wine region of Temecula and it was fantastically fun.