Hamptons Half Marathon

Hamptons Half Marathon – New York, New York!

The Hamptons Half Marathon is a gorgeous South Hampton run with green trees, big homes and clean air and a great way to explore this incredible region.  This was the first and only time I ran back to back half marathons (Saturday & Sunday) but likely not the last.  From here we ventured on three ferries to Connecticut and eventually on to Rhode Island for the Oceans Run Half Marathon.  Gonna’ be sore, game on!

Pre-Race Fun

Hamptons Half Marathon Salmon PasteThe best way to start a trip to the Big Apple (SFO –> NYC) is to get upgraded to business class.  Then, proceed to have a few glasses of wine and knock out on the redeye landing at 7:00 a.m. at JFK.  Yippie!  The bad news?  I only got two hours of sleep and was a walking zombie when we landed.  Let’s hope the room is ready since Amy didn’t do much better than me.  It wasn’t BTW.

The first day was filled with sight seeing, checking out ground zero and finally some rest before our first big night.  We attended a play The Book of Mormon followed by a ridiculously fun dinner at Morimoto.   First, I learned wine at plays is gross and served in clear “solo” cups.  Second, I learned The Book of Mormon is wildly crude.  So much so I almost walked out of the play in the first act.  I managed to hang in there.  The high light from dinner was the salmon paste.  Sounds gross but tasted so good!

Getting Rained Out

Hamptons Half Marathon Yankees Stadium

Amy and I are both avid baseball fans and there is nothing better than a Yankees vs. Boston game.  However, mother nature had other plans for us.  The rain came and the rain didn’t stop coming.  We were able to get into the park, check things out but at the end of the day, the game was rained out and rescheduled for Sunday.  Bummer.  Next time Yankees, next time.  The good news?  We got our money back!  More money for the rest of the trip I guess.

The last duty for Friday is to get the rental car for the drive to East Hampton.  This should be easy.

The Hamptons Half Marathon

Hamptons Half Marathon Map

Ever been in traffic you just couldn’t understand?  Why was it not moving?  Yes, we picked up the rental car and proceeded back to the hotel which was five blocks away.  It took us an hour.  And, it rained the entire time.  Good omen or bad?

The next morning (Saturday) we got up obscenely early and headed out to East Hampton and absolutely lucked out with a parking spot steps from the race start.  Things are turning around for us!

The Hamptons Half Marathon is a gorgeous run out and back making two big loops through wooded green lush areas.  I don’t remember all that much about the race because I knew that we had more amazing adventure coming our way.  From here we were going to head to Connecticut and then to Rhode Island for my first ever Back 2 Back half marathon races!  But first, some tasty grub and rehydration at the Dockside Grill.  Off we go!

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