Xterra McDowell Mountain

Xterra McDowell Mountain – Other Side Of The Tracks

The Xterra McDowell Mountain trail race is a grueling 15 mile run with a 1,350 foot vertical climb through the McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  When my wife and I lived in Scottsdale, we lived on the west side of the McDowell Mountain range.  This race was my first chance to explore the larger east side of the range and the McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  Very stoked I had this chance and took it.

Other Side of the Tracks

I always wanted to go explore the “other side” of the McDowell mountain range.  This race provided me the excuse to drive all the way around.  As the crow flies my old home was only 12 miles or so from the race start.  However, the drive around the mountain range is 26 miles and took just shy of one hour.  One day I really want to get dropped off on this side of the McDowells and run up and over the top back to Scottsdale.  I think that would be an amazing challenge.  Alan, you up for it?  I think we should pack extra water, some food and definitely the SAT phone for that one.

The Race & Ice Baths

Xterra McDowell Mountain UpThe Xterra McDowell Mountain trail race, part of the Xterra series, has a killer vibe.  They always find a way to get a fire pit going and make the event seem like a big group of friends out for a fun run.  Good job Xterra.  The race itself was a blast.  Its a long race at 15 miles but the views were spectacular.  The landscape change fairly dramatically (in terms of desert landscape).  Fortunately I was able to talk my buddy Alan into doing this run with me.  Adventures like this are way more fun with a partner in crime.

This was the time in my life I had researched ice baths and introduced them after long runs.  A ten minute ice bath after a race like this cut my recovery time in half.  I can see why the professional athletes do this!  I also now understand the rise of cryotherapy.  Powerful stuff especially for these aging bones and joints.

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