Good Life Halfsy Half Marathon

Good Life Halfsy Half Marathon – Corn Fed Holby

The Good Life Halfsy Half Marathon in Lincoln, Nebraska was a surprisingly big and well put together event.  This point to point race was primarily run on streets and finished right in the heart of Lincoln.  And, the best part was it finished 2 blocks from my hotel.  Which is nice after running back to back half marathons.

Uber Fail & Hitch Hiking to the Race Start

I had a master plan and that plan exploded amazingly thoroughly, 90 minutes before the race.  And, then, two nice unsuspecting ladies saved me by offering me a ride to the start line.  Here is how it went down.

So first, this was a bit of an odd ball race in that USUALLY you take a bus to the start line and then run back to your car and the finish line.  This race was structured the opposite way.  Drive to and park at the start line and then after the race, jump on a bus and drive back to the finish line and then drive back to the start line.  Huh?  Okay, whatever.  But, of course I wanted to short circuit this process by somehow, someway getting to the start line WITHOUT my car so I could just chill after I finished.

The plan?  Request an Uber earlier than most people and just suck it up and sit in the cold for longer than I wanted to.  I had more hand warmers, so, sweet.  But, my Uber, once hailed, decided to drive all over the place and never come go get me.  My backup plan?  Drive my car.  Crap.  And, just about that time, two nice gals from somewhere in Nebraska said I could come with them in their Uber which DID decide to show up.  Oh thank goodness.  I don’t remember their names but THANK YOU!  Finishing the race and coming straight back to the hotel was a GIFT.

Go Big Red, The Corn Fed Holby

I love college towns.  And this college town was exceptionally cool.  First off, everyone was wearing Nebraska colors.  Lots and lots of red and white.  Which is AWESOME.  And, it just so happened that Nebraska had a game the day I arrived.  Bad news however, they lost in a fairly unpleasant way to Purdue, 27-31.  But, it was so fun to be in this town.

I swung by a local place that was recommended to OVEREAT.  The place was awesome, named Lazlo’s.  It’s a brewery that had great food.  I don’t drink anymore but the food was awesome.  I got a sandwich, wings and a salad.  I couldn’t finish it all so I took about half to go.  Go Huskers!  And, Holby is officially a “Go Big Red” fan.

The Race

As I mentioned above, I hitched a ride to the start line which was HUGE.  But, I did still get there WAY too early.  So, I wandered around to both keep myself occupied and also to keep myself warm.  The temp at race start was hovering just about freezing.

I made loop and loop and checked lots of stuff out.  The race was a bit of a blur.  These back to backs almost ensure that the second of the two races is going to be a project of mental toughness and that also means I’m just trying to block most of it out.  But, the race went off without a hitch and I finished.  And, I found lots of tasty things to eat at the finish line.

Thanks Good Life Halfsy!  What a great city and a fun event.  I cannot see coming back to Lincoln but I’m sure glad I visited.  Time for more food and then a drive to Omaha for a quick three hour flight home.

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