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Laguna Hills Half Marathon – The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Laguna Hills Half Marathon was in support of the 3rd Marines, 5th Battalion of the United States Marine Corp.  It was a gorgeous day spent with the family honoring one of the most decorated infantry battalions in the USMC.

A Humbling Day

As the race went off, the mayor of Laguna Hills spoke about how the city had adopted the 3/5 or the Dark Horse Battalion.  He had also included a brief overview of how decorated this particular groups was and also spoke about how many of them had been lost in combat.  One of the last tings he spoke about was that the race was going to be adorned with memories of the fallen 3/5 battalion along the way.

I cannot remember when the the commemorative banners began in the race but once they did, they just kept coming.  And, I have to say that it was very hard to run past without feeling a deep sense of appreciation and sorrow.  Later in the day the MC was saying over the loud speaker, “The price for freedom isn’t FREE” and the photos of these young men told that story VIVIDLY.

The common age of these men?  19.  The city in which they lost their lives?  Sangin, Afghanistan.  The date?  Fall of 2010.  A quick Google search led me to this, the Battle of Sangin.  This was one of the bloodiest battles fought during the conflict and was started by the Third Battalion, Seventh Marines and finished by the Third Battalion, Fifth Maries or, the Dark Horse Battalion.

Memorial Day is a day to remember ALL those who gave everything so that I could be right there, in Laguna Hills, running this race as a free man.  All honor.

“All gave some, some gave all.”

Seventh Place Daddy!

Phew!  On a brighter note, my kids both ran in their respective races!

Gage went off first.  I setup to get a good video of him and my wife Amy who was running with him.  As the starter yelled GO! I could see my son sprinting down the chute.  I laughed mostly because my wife Amy was having a hard time keeping up.  I was CERTAIN he would crash and burn about 200 yards into the race but to my TOTAL surprise, he sprinted the entire half mile!  Wow, and, he actually came in 7th Place!  Super cool.

Claire went off second, she was in the “diaper dash” and she ran about the length of a football field.  She was beyond cute running around and through the other kids.  I had a hard time keeping up with her.  The finish line was a bunch of folks doing high fives and congratulating the kids.

Its official!  We’re a racing family. 🙂

The Race

The race itself was fantastic!  Very well organized and setup.  It was almost and out and back but the start and the finish were about one mile apart.  About mile 8 there was a mile of dirt trail that was super fun.  The race was well stocked with Stinger Gels and Gummies.  Plenty of water and a good vibe.  Would definitely run this again and staying in Dana Point was super easy!  Only twenty minutes away and on the way back home.  Love Laguna!  Be back soon!

Laguna Hills Half Marathon Landscape

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