Miso Glazed Salmon

Miso Glazed Salmon – The Old Number 1

Miso glazed salmon is a quick, simple and delicious recipe.  This is easy to prepare and can scale from a meal for 2 to a feast for 20.  The miso glaze can also be applied to a number of different types of fish so experiment away!  Absolutely awesome.

Quick Nutrition Guide (per 6oz):

325 Calories with the following breakdown.

  • 37g Protein (45% of the calories from protein)
  • 7g Carbohydrates (9% of the calories from carbohydrates)
  • 16g Fats (46% of the calories from fat)


Miso Glazed Black Cod IngredientsVery simple and short ingredient list.  I use organic products where/when I can.

  • 1 Tablespoon – White Miso
  • 1 Tablespoon – Inexpensive Sake (you can go cheap here) **
  • 1.5 Tablespoons – Organic Honey
  • 2 Pounds – Good quality Salmon Filet.  Note:  You could use a salmon steak too but I prefer skin on filet.

** Note:  Sake can have small trace amounts of GLUTEN.  Koji, which is the mold used to ferment rice, sometimes is grown on barley which is a particularly good substrate for this process.  When transferring the koji, sometimes small particles of barley tag along.  Check the bottle if you want to make sure this dish is GLUTEN free!

Time to Prepare:

I have read recipes from folks pre-marinading the fish 48 hours before grilling.  I don’t like to have fish sit around for that long.  So, I have been marinading my fish for 1-2 hours prior to grilling and have had wonderful results.

  • 15 Minutes – To prepare the fish, make the glaze and apply the first coating of miso glaze.
  • 10-20 Minutes – Cook time depending on how thick your filet is and how hot your grill is.


Step 1:  Make the miso glaze.  Mix the 1) white miso, 2) sake and 3) organic honey in a small dish.  Mix until all the big clumps are broken down but don’t worry about it if you see small clumps.  This is incredibly easy and the recipe as stated should be enough for about 2 lbs of salmon.  Of course if you’re preparing more than 2 lbs, simple double or triple the recipe.

Miso Glazed Salmon PreparationStep 2:  Prepare the fish.  In this example I used a double thick piece of aluminum foil that was rounded up around all the edges.  I do this so the excess glaze and things don’t tumble into the grill.  Place the salmon skin side down on the aluminum foil and paint a THICK coat of the miso glaze on the salmon.  Keep about 1/2 of the miso glaze for midway through the cooking process.

PAUSE – Let sit for 1-2 hours in the fridge.  Of course 4, 6 or 8 will not hurt.

Step 3:  Preheat the grill.  If you are cooking on a grill with zones, pre-heat all of them.  Once hot, I turn the center zone OFF and leave the left and right zones ON medium heat.  Note:  I am cooking on a 3 zone grill so you might have to modify for your cooking environment.  I try to keep the internal temperature of the grill right around 375 degrees.

Step 4:  Place the fish on the center zone.  I place my salmon right in the center of the center zone and keep the lid closed for the entire cooking time.  The idea here is that you’re using the grill as more of an oven (indirect heat) rather than a traditional grill (direct heat).  Cooking times are going to vary a LOT depending on each grill, cook temperature and thickness of the filet.

Step 5:  About half way through.  Put a second THICK coat of the miso glaze on the salmon.  Personally, I cannot get enough so I drench it.

Step 6:  Fork test.  Towards the end of the cook cycle and as your fish starts to look “done”, use a fork to see how the salmon is flaking.  Cook to your own personal preference.  My cook cycle given the above details is about 20 minutes.


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