Morgan Hill Half Marathon – Hill … Big Hill …

Morgan Hill Half Marathon MapThe Morgan Hill Half Marathon is a beautiful looped mountain run alongside Chesbro Lake in the South Bay Area of Northern California.  I included a hill profile in this post because that is the most memorable part of the race.  The first seven miles are one large hill that keeps going and going like the energizer bunny.  The funny part is that at 1:38:44, this is still one of my fastest half marathons to date.  Go figure!

Hill …. Big Hill …

The more races I run, the less I research the course, the hill profile, where the rest rooms are and the like.  It depends on how you look at this one, had I looked, I probably would not have run it.  The first six miles are pretty much straight uphill.  The Morgan Hill Half Marathon brings its “A Game” in the hill category.  Since I know this is a loop (we stop where we start), what goes up, must come down.  That downhill section cannot get here soon enough.

Gravity is AWESOME

I remember cresting the top of the hill and starting our decent back to the race finish.  Someone who had run the race before informed me I should watch my speed on the downhill.  To which I responded, thanks man.  Its amazing how fast you can regain your strength when gravity is doing most of the work.  It is also amazing how hills don’t really matter when you’re in good shape.  Now if I can only kick this beer habit and really get fit. 🙂

Morgan Hill Half Marathon Hill Profile
Morgan Hill Half Marathon Hill Profile

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