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NorCal Half Marathon – No Train, Lots o’ Pain

The NorCal Half marathon was (its gone) a run in the heart of San Jose, through the Guadalupe River Park, on both roads and dirt trails.  I decided it was not necessary to train for this race and paid dearly for it around mile 12.  I also got scammed in a very unique way in the parking lot.

Getting Scammed

I think its fun (more educational) to get scammed.  Especially when you only lose $5.  I pulled into the designated parking lot and proceeded to initiate my normal pre-race checklist.  Water, gatorade, music, Gu’s, bib and we’re off.  I scanned the lot to figure out if I needed to pay and there was a nice young man with tattoos from head to toe.  He had a couple rain drops on his lower right eye.  I figured it was downtown San Jose, this dude seems legit, here is my five bucks.  He handed me back a parking stub.  All set!  A few minutes later, after collecting money from 5-6 other unsuspecting fools like me, he turned and ran like a bat out of hell.  Turns out the REAL parking attendants just showed up.  He was just here early to scam a few of us out of money.  This day is starting off perfectly!

Biting of More Than I Could Chew

NorCal Half Marathon KitchenOne month prior to this race I decided that we were moving to Scottsdale, AZ.  My wife and I had previously discussed it and I hit a wall with work.  Let’s move!  Now to finish up the last few things on the pre-move checklist.  On the top of the list, renovate my mothers kitchen.  Easy!  Thirty days, no problem.  To understand the level of stupidity here you need some backstory.  First, I gave myself thirty-five days to finish a major renovation.  Second, I decided to rent out our home in San Mateo a month before we migrated to Scottsdale and move my move my wife, dog and 2 month old son into my mom’s house.  Yes, the same house with no working kitchen because I was REMODELING IT.  Third, I worked 12-16 hour days on the house and left my wife with a 2 month old son to fend for herself and in a house with no working kitchen.  Fourth, I did zero training and treated myself like crap.  What could go wrong?

No Train, Lots O’ Pain

I have no idea why I decided to go run this race.  I was in no condition to perform.  After I got scammed in the parking lot I should have turned right around, got a lemon loaf from Starbucks and taken a nap.  But, this whole goal setting thing got in my way and I pushed through.  The run became excruciatingly painful at mile 12 when both my quadriceps decided to lock up at the same time.  Not sure if you have every had this happen but I assure you, its a pain I will not soon forget.  The good news?  I stretched out and limped my way across the finish line.  More good news?  My wife didn’t kill me.  Even better news?  I finished the kitchen remodel and eventually moved my family to Scottsdale.  Never doing this again!

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