San Diego Half Marathon 2

San Diego Half Marathon – Learning to Hate Summer

The San Diego Half Marathon is an awesome stop on the Rock n’ Roll series.  The course was revised this year, finishing downtown.  We spent 6 days, 5 nights in San Diego at the Westin Gaslamp hotel and had a fantastic time.  And, six days NOT spent in the Arizona summer.  This was also the very first race I remember my son being a part of.  Incredibly cool memory.

Learning to Hate Summer

I moved my family to Arizona in October of 2012.  October in Arizona is hot but its NOTHING like the summer which lasts from May until September.  By May of 2013 it became clear to me that the Arizona summer was something to avoid.  I have always been a Californian and I’ve always LOVED summer.  My time spent in Arizona (temporarily) changed that.  It is now clear to me that summer is something to fear since the heat becomes unbearable.  A six day trip to San Diego sounds like just the fix and the San Diego Half Marathon a fun race.  Especially since running in Arizona in the summer is virtually impossible.

The Trip

San Diego Half Marathon 2 MapI loved visiting San Diego.  In fact, I loved visiting so much I moved my family here in March of 2016.  Best decision of my life.  On this trip we brought Grandma Shapiro along for some of the fun.  We visited Stone Brewery, the Hotel Del Coronado, the Beaches of Del Mar (Power House) and loved every minute of it.   I also forgot how easy life was with only one kid.  I look back at that version of me, prior to our daughter being more and smile.  Its hard to find a bad spot in the San Diego area.  Smiles all around.

The Race

The race this year was much better.  The race was more scenic and finished downtown versus finishing at SeaWorld.  There are now two passes through Balboa Park versus just one  and it is far more memorable.  I honestly don’t remember much about the run but I do remember the trip.  This was the first SD trip in a series of many that led us to making the best decision ever.  An eventual migration to San Diego.  See you soon San Diego.  And, as of March 2016, now I see you everyday.

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