Santa Cruz Half Marathon

Santa Cruz Half Marathon – Surf City & The Asset

The Santa Cruz Half Marathon is a gorgeous out and back hybrid road/trail run from downtown Santa Cruz, up the coast and back.  During the trip over the mountains into Santa Cruz “the asset” hit 100,000 miles.  Big day!

Surf City USA

Santa Cruz Half Marathon PierI usually get to races far too early because I hate being late and stressed out trying to find parking.  Since I was the first in the parking lot (not really but close) I decided to wander about and take a few photos.  The waves were small but got one decent picture of the pier before the race.  Very cool spot to start and finish a run.

The Race & The Asset

The Santa Cruz Half Marathon race is beautiful.  Eighty percent of the course is along the Pacific Ocean and there is no shortage of eye candy to keep you occupied while running.  About 1.5 miles into the course you get to run by Steamers Lane which is top 5 on the iconic surf spot list in Northern California.  No time to watch the surfers, gotta run!  The course wanders north along the ocean and then into the Wilder Beach National Preserve which is beautiful and then loops back around and you head back the same way home.

The drive home was particularly memorable for me since “the asset” hit 100,000 miles.  The asset is a bit of a joke between me and my old business partner Zubin.  My 2003 GMC Yukon which was an asset on the balance sheet of our company hit a major milestone.  Regularly we’d joke about who would be driving here or there and if I drove I would always drive “the asset”.

This is a great run and one that someday I’d like to run again.  See you soon Santa Cruz!

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