OC Half Marathon 2010

The OC Half Marathon 2 – The Rise of White Lightning

Some races are good, some races are bad.  This attempt at The OC Half Marathon was REALLY good.  For quite some time this was the fastest race I had ever run.  This PR lasted until the New Orleans Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon and that is one hell of a story in itself.  I remember the end of mile 12 being brutal, just bonked a bit, oh well.  I was offered my first end of race ice bath, something I would later integrate into my training curriculum.  This race also included two of my best friends, Jonathan and Kimmie.  And, my girlfriend Amy and our first race together.  Speaking of which Amy, you need to get back at it!

Every Superhero Needs A Nickname – White Lighting

OC Half Marathon 2010 Signing AutographsI don’t totally remember how I got the nickname but I think it was my friend Kimmie who gave it  to me.  She is quite the joker.  Additionally they asked me to sign a keepsake for them (see the picture over to the right here).  If I recall I signed it “White Lightning”.  I hope you still have this Kimmie and Jonathan!  This is the nickname that has carried me along for the last five or six years and something I doubt will be gone anytime soon.  For the record, I am white but I’m not fast.  Its just that “White Average Speed Guy” isn’t as catchy.

The Race “Part Duex”

Yes, this was the second attempt at this course.  I ran it in 2009 and then again in 2010.  Obviously I shaved some time off the second go.  I think it is true for any sport, any athlete, some days you just feel like “you have it” and other days you just don’t.  On this day I just had it … I was flying.  This could very well have been my Personal Record but I stumbled in the final mile and it cost me a couple of minutes.  That’s all it takes but at 1:38:09 and a 7:30 mile pace, I’ll take it all day long.

OC Half Marathon 2010 FriendsPost race was super fun.  Hanging out with good friends, having a couple of beers and dinner before returning home to reality.  I do remember missing a fancy pants dinner setup by Jonathan that he just recently stopped reminding me I missed.  Sorry again Jonathan!  And,  see you again soon OC!  Au Revoir!

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