OC Half Marathon 2009

The OC Half Marathon – Couch Surfing

A beautiful spring day in Orange County and another fun half marathon! The OC Half Marathon. This marks the second consecutive half marathon where I slept on someones couch. Only difference of course is this time Amir was given a nice reprieve and I crashed with my buddy Jonathan and his then girlfriend Kimmie.

Orange Coast College & Running Into People

I’d always heard stories of OCC, its where a buddy had played some football before getting transferred to SDSU.  This was my first visit.  It’s also where the race starts and finishes.  Nice place!  The race is a very nice wandering track with most of the race being on the street but one section darts off and follows a lovely path through the wetlands there close to the beach.  It also dawned on me that there is a LOT of money in Newport Beach!  It’s also a very good idea to keep your eyes looking forward when you’re running because if you spend your time admiring the expensive houses while running, its likely you’ll run right into someone.  And, that is precisely what I did.  Fortunately I didn’t knock the nice lady down, apologized and told here I was just looking at the expensive houses.  Race people are very nice!

Post Race Meal

If you’re not going to carb load before the race, carb load after!  I cannot remember exactly what beer I had with breakfast later that morning but I do remember eating everything on my plate.  I also remember that beer being cold and tasty.  I think I may have had two. 🙂  Thanks Kimmie and Jonathan!  I’ll come back and run another race soon!


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