Air Force Half Marathon 2010

Air Force Half Marathon – B52 Strato-Awesome

The Air Force Half Marathon started with a Boeing B-52 Stratofortress flyover at low altitude.  I will never forget the sound when the pilots dropped the hammer right they passed overhead.  If for some reason folks didn’t get enough caffeine, they no longer needed it.  A great and memorable way to start ANY race.  Plus, Boeing had a great display at the race start with all their planes and helicopters.  Very fun indeed.

Military Precision

Air Force Half Marathon 2010 Race Route
Air Force Half Marathon 2010 Race Route

The Air Force Half Marathon was mostly held on Wright Patterson Air Force Base and frankly, it was mostly unmemorable.  Although I did have a pretty good time since it was dead flat.  One think I will tell you is that I was impressed with how precise the mile markers were placed!

For those of you who run races, the mile markers and the GPS navigation on your tracking device can sometimes be off as much as a quarter or a half a mile!  I am always shocked and how poorly these mile markers are placed.  Well, this was NOT the case on this run.  I tell you what, as soon as my phone was rattling off which mile marker we hit, I was running by the said mile marker.  Love military precision.

The race and getting home were nothing remarkable but I can still see the exhaust coming from the B-52’s engines when I close my eyes.  Incredible.

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