Big Sur Half Marathon 2010

Big Sur Half Marathon – Breaking Amy

The Big Sur Half Marathon was one of the best half marathons I have ever run.  More than half the run was up and right along the ocean in Monterey and frankly, the coast of California doesn’t get too much more beautiful.  The race is an out and back which meant in this case, the race started and stopped right in the downtown area of Monterey.  Made carrying a wounded woman named Amy back to the hotel, much easier.  More on Amy later.

Big Sur Half Marathon 2010
Big Sur Half Marathon 2010

Pre-Race Nutrition …. Carb Loading 2.0

It was at the Big Sur Half Marathon that I finally figured out my pre-race nutrition.  My girlfriend Amy and I had hooked up with my friends Andrew and Joy (went to B-School with Joy) at a local Italian place right there near the hotel.  First, Andrew ordered a beer.  So I was obligated as a fellow man to order one as well.  Second, carb loading, yeah I get it.  What I didn’t realize that having one big ice cold IPA along with a delicious bowl of pasta would be so effective!  I tell you I woke up feeling great, ran great, had endless energy and recovered well!  Carb loading 2.0, yes, pasta and beer.  Its the right combination for me.

The Race and Breaking Amy

When you’re going to run 13 miles its always a good idea to get out and … well … run!  I mean its not a 50 mile ultra but you still need to train.  Yes Amy, this means you too.  My soon to be wife had decided that training was overrated and did none of it.  She was a bit nervous before the run and for good reason.  Since it was an out and back I recall seeing her about 4-5 miles behind me after I made the turn.  She wasn’t looking too strong.  35 minutes later I crossed the finish line.  And, I waited.  And waited.  To the point I started to get nervous.  Then, some 45 minutes AFTER I finished the race I saw a limping (but still smiling) Amy coming up the ramp to the finish line.  I half carried her back to the hotel room.

Still one of the best races ever.  So fun!

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  1. Michael (my husband) and I did this race this past November and I agree it was a beautiful run along the ocean. The view really doesn’t get any better! And I hope Amy learned her lesson 😊

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