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Angels Stadium – Mike Trout Jersey Giveaway

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What a fun trip to see the Anaheim Angels in Angels Stadium.  I mean the Los Angels Angels who play no where close to Los Angeles in the city of Anaheim.  That’s better.  There is no better time to visit Angels Stadium that Mike Trout jersey giveaway!  This game was played on a warm summer day and were entirely thankful our seats were in the shade.  Oh, and if you have to go to the bathroom at Angels stadium before the gates open?  The bathroom (yes, one single bathroom) is placed in the deep far corner of the parking lot as far away from the gates as they could before the stadium lot ends.  No irritation here, promise!  🙂

Mike Trout Jersey Giveaway Day

We didn’t have much of a plan for this ballpark visit but we got insanely lucky. We timed Mike Trout jersey giveaway day!! How cool. There is not too much to remark about regarding the Angels with the exception of Mike. So, I guess we’ll just have to be Mike Trout and Angels fans for the day.

I REALLY Have to Pee

Have you ever been to a ballpark that has NO bathrooms in the parking lot? Me neither. But, when you go to tailgate at the Angels games, you had better just love being dehydrated OR you need to be exceptionally talented at HOLDING IT. We did eventually find one bathroom WAY in the opposite corner of the parking lot but you have to be kidding me. Maybe Angels don’t have to pee? Not sure but I do know that I DO.

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