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Dodgers Stadium – A Homecoming for Amy

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Visiting Dodgers Stadium was an incredible homecoming for Amy.  She grew up a Dodgers fan and has great memories of family baseball outings.  As for me, I’m a Giants fan.  Since my son and wife a big LA Dodgers fans, I sucked it up and participated in the pilgrimage to the enemies lair.  All kidding aside, we had an amazing time, the stadium is iconic and wonderful, the fans were great and it was simply, a blast.

Gage & Becoming A Dodgers Fan

Dodgers Stadium WelcomeA little context.  My wife and I spent 4 years or so living together in San Mateo, CA which is about 30 minute south of AT&T Park where the Giants play.  Both Amy and I have incredible memories of the 2012 and 2014 World Series runs.  We were both commuting up to SF for work during the 2012 run and got to walk by AT&T park just about every day.  My son Gage, was born in Burlingame, CA which is even closer to the Giants home base.  For fathers day one year Amy had Gage photographed in Giants gear for me.  I bought him a book of Giants trivia, a fathead of Buster Posey, a SF hat and a SF jersey.  Yet, still, somehow (internal screaming) he became a Dodgers Fan!

I didn’t deal with the news well.  I worked through the typical four phases of grief.   Shock, Anger, More Shock and then, finally, Acceptance.  It’s just recently that I have accepted that my son, the “fruit of my loins” has drifted to the dark side.  But, the good news is he loves a sport I love.  Now he has something that he can share with his mom, a fellow Dodgers fan and we will likely have some good family rivalries down the road.  I cannot believe I’m going to write this but I’m starting to like the Dodgers a little bit too.  All except Puig, that dude is a horrible poor sport.

Claire on the JumboTron

Dodgers Stadium Claire JumbotronDodgers stadium is absolutely awesome.  I truly enjoyed walking around the stadium taking it all in.  The food, the frozen lemonade, the fake beer (I no longer drink) and of course the JUMBOTRON!  During the 2nd inning or so, a camera man showed up at our seats.  I suppose he saw the cuteness sitting in my wife’s lap (that would be Claire, our daughter) and decided to put her on the big screen.  I tried to get a photo of the action at our seat and then one photo of her on the jumbotron but unfortunately I was not fast enough.

Snacking Our Way Through The Day

Dodgers Stadium Happy FamilyOne of the very cool things about Dodgers Stadium is they let you bring in your own food!  So, Amy packed us some tasty sandwich’s, tons of snacks and we brought in our own water.  Does that mean we didn’t spend that much money?  Of course not!  We spend a ton of money on necessities.  Like frozen lemonade, french fries, more french fries, a real beer for Amy and a couple fake ones for me.  The one thing to know about the Holbrooks, we might not be big people but we eat like big people.  And constantly.  Lets hope the metabolisms hold up for  bit longer.

Dodgers Win!

In true Gary Shapiro form, we left in the 7th inning to beat the rush.  The kiddo’s were fading fast and we had a long drive ahead of us.  On the way out of the gates we heard the roar from the crowd as Matt Kemp hit the go ahead home run.  Wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Dodgers Stadium Panoramic

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