Arizona Rock n' Roll Half Marathon

Arizona Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon – Part Deux

The Arizona Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon isn’t the most beautiful race but its very close and convenient if you live in the Greater Phoenix area.  The race starts right at Arizona State University which is nice because there is a ton of available parking.  It also finishes in the same spot so no shuttles getting back to the race start or back from the finish line.  Since this was the second time running this race, I wanted to improve on my time a little bit.  I did, finishing just under an hour and forty minutes (1:39:30).

The Race

Arizona Rock n' Roll Half Marathon MapThe run is one big boring loop but the good news is that during miles 10-11 you run through Papago Park.  The park has some beautiful desert features, has some elevation change and makes the race a tad more interesting.  Additionally, the last two miles of the race are mostly downhill.  And, you get to finish the race by running over the bridge into Tempe right next to the ASU stadium.  This is a great race for the winter months when there isn’t a lot going on.  It is also good for training and if you live in one of the cold states, its a great place to come run a race in the dead center of winter.

Getting Lost, Driving On The Course

On the way out of the parking lot I made a wrong turn.  How do I know?  Because I found myself driving on the course.  There were wheel chair guys trying to navigate around the dumbass driving on the course and yes, that was me folks!  The nice race officiant angrily waved me over to the side.  I think once he realized I was a race participant he calmed down a bit and helped me back on to the street.  Not a bad way to leave a mark on the good old Arizona Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon eh?

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