Hartford Half Marathon

Hartford Half Marathon – Ah, It’s Just Okay

The Hartford Half Marathon in Hartford Connecticut is well, just okay.  According to the locals.  And, I’d have to agree that this race didn’t leave an impression on me that is really amazing or terrible.  It was just a nice race, looping out and around the Hartford area.

It’s Just Okay

As I wandered around the start line of the race which I almost always arrive at FAR too early, I found a nice gal who was working the event.  I sparked up a conversation with I rarely do with anyone and I told her that I though Hartford and this race was pretty cool.  She looked at me and with no hesitation said, “yeah, its okay”.  And, honestly I’d have to agree with her!  I was just okay but that’s “okay with me”.  A lovely little town and a lovely little race.

Hasta La Vista SPG Accenture Discount

So, I’ve been using the Accenture Discount for SPG/Marriott properties for years.  The discount isn’t all that good but it’s a few bucks off here and there and makes traveling just a bit more affordable.  In the back of my mind I knew that someday, that discount would evaporate.  And, this is the day it happened.  Upon checking into the hotel, the Courtyard Hartford Windsor, it was the beginning of the end.  This was the hotel where they first started asking about whether or not I worked at Accenture.  And, because I’m not good at lying, I told them no.  And, I had to pay the rack rate.

It was a good run Accenture Rate.  Many fun trips together.

The Race

The race was pretty easy and painless.  A lovely loop that made parking and running easy.  And, somehow, I’m always able to find my car afterwards.  Fun trip Connecticut!  And, now I’m off to Clinton, NJ for another race.  Time to load up on some food on the

3 hour drive.  Off we go.

Hartford Half Marathon Race

Hartford Half Marathon Race

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