Main Street Half Marathon

Main Street Half Marathon – Sunrise & Fly Fishing

The Main Street Half Marathon was an amazing point to point through trails, fields and beautiful backdrops.  The race is headquartered in Clinton, New Jersey which is an amazing little town about 40 minutes west of Newark.  But, you’d have thought you were in the middle of the country.  It’s always a good sign when the mayor comes to help pick up garbage downtown.  Very cute town, great race, would love to come back to visit again one day.

Downtown Clinton New Jersey

The three hour drive from Hartford, CT was beautiful.  Although I think over eating chips and hummus along the way was a bad idea and I generated some pretty severe stomach cramps.  Fortunately they passed about half way through the drive.

As soon as I pulled into Clinton, I knew I love this place.  Main Street has such a great feeling.  Lots of fun shops with the usual keepsake stores, the obligatory ice cream shop and several coffee shops.  But, the best part was that at the very top of Main Street was the south branch of the Raritan River.  And, OH MY.  What a fun surprise!  Just on the other side of river was this beautiful barn that lit up when the sun hit it.

Just to the right of the bridge that crossed the river was a flat area for events and this is where the race convention was held.  I couldn’t have imagined there being a more appropriate place to hold an event.  Absolutely amazing.

The Race

The race is a point to point so the “show up way way too early” was in full effect.  It was chilly but not terribly so.  The drive from Lebanon, NJ to Flemington, NJ was not too bad although it was pitch black and there were a LOT of deer running around.  It would be just my luck to hit one on the way to the race.  Fortunately that didn’t happen.  The buses were waiting and I jumped in the first one (I think) and we headed back to Clinton.

When we arrived, the streets of Clinton were empty.  And, the sun was just rising on the east coast and it cast an amazing light on the Raritan River.  What a fantastic place to start the race.  I wandered around for a bit, took a whole bunch of photos and then found a wonderful coffee shop, the Citispot Tea & Coffee shop, to sit and eat my breakfast at.  Mostly, because it was warm!

The race started just on the west side of the Raritan River, just across the bridge.  The race was AMAZING.  Trails gave way to fields, that gave way to rivers that gave way to more fields.  Although my time on this race was not what it was the day before in Hartford, the race itself was FAR more beautiful.  What a lovely day and location for a race.

Newark Airport = Yuck

After the race I returned to the hotel to EAT.  And, I’m pretty sure I ate 2,000 calories for lunch/linner.  And, then around 2:30 p.m. I headed to Newark Airport (EWR).  And, I will have to say, this is the worst airport I’ve ever been too.  Strange place, strange people, hope I don’t have to go back.  There were iPad monitors EVERYWHERE, even on bar tops where there were bartenders immediately behind.  I guess to abstract any sort of human interaction?  Seems like the way this world is going so way to go Newark.

But, Clinton?  Absolutely!  Thanks for a wonderful visit and for being my twenty-seventh state!

Main Street Half Marathon

Main Street Half Marathon

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