Publix Georgia Half Marathon

Publix Georgia Half Marathon – Cocktails With The Madsens

Publix Georgia Half Marathon MedalThe Publix Georgia Half Marathon is a fun run on St. Patricks Day weekend that passes by Georgia Tech and through several area parks.  The night before this race I connected with a very good friend and his wife for some pre-race cocktails and food.  There is nothing like traveling across the country, not treating yourself right and then running 13 miles.  This was my first visit to Hot-Lanta.  Game on.

The Madsens

My buddy Jason and his family recently relocated to the Atlanta area for work.  He and his wife Becki agreed to meet me at the W Hotel for a couple of drinks and to get caught up.  As I recall, we decided to have more cocktails and then dinner on property.  The dinner I ate was not my normal pre-race meal.  Instead, I believe, I had a giant piece of red meat.  It is never a good idea to eat red meat before a race let alone the cocktails.  The next morning is going to be interesting.  It is worth noting that Becki was also running this race the next morning, thanks for being a trooper Becki!

The Race

Publix Georgia Half Marathon MapI vaguely remember walking to the race start in the morning, not feeling 100% for sure.  The race was a complete blur.  Perhaps as a result of the night before?   Not sure.  I know my flight home to Phoenix was at 11:30 a.m. so after the race I remember racing back to the hotel, taking a quick shower and then heading off to the airport.  Great to see friends, great to knock off Georgia.  Bye for now dirty south!

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