Run For Ryan House Half Marathon

Run For Ryan House Half Marathon – Close To Home

The Run for Ryan House Half Marathon is a beautiful, hilly and challenging race run in the McDowell mountain area of North Scottsdale.  The only bad news about this race is that it’s run in the exact same area I train so the course was less than “new and exciting”.  There is something to be said about a race that takes you only ten minutes to drive to.  Convenience is very nice considering the time and hassle it takes to get to most events.

The Race

The Run for Ryan House Half Marathon starts and finishes in the parking lot of DC Ranch.  The parking lot is home to many restaurants and shops.  The best part, there is a Von’s grocery store at the far end.  Having a grocery store close is particularly helpful when it comes to your pre-race bathroom visit.  Why?  The first benefit if not having to go to the bathroom in a disgusting porta’ potty.

The race went off without a hitch.  As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the race route follows my training route.  I love running hills when I train because I get to stop, take a breath and just relax when I get tired.  During a run, I tend to push through.  And, when I say there are hills, these hills are no joke.  Plus, this race is run at close to 1,750 foot elevation so the air is not quite as thick as it is a sea level.

As a result, this race definitely lacked originality.  But, where this race lacked in originality, it made up for it in convenience.

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