San Diego Half Marathon 4

San Diego Half Marathon – A Beautiful Mind

The San Diego Half Marathon (a Rock n’ Roll race) episode four.  This is the last time I will run this race since I live in San Diego now.  This was a great trip.  We stayed at the San Diego Hilton right on Mission Bay and finished the trip with a short stay at the W San Diego.  Unfortunately, the W San Diego, the hotel where I stayed for my bachelor party is no longer a W Hotel.

A Peddle Bike From Hell

It turned out that when God created me, he didn’t make me the most cruise’y guy in the whole world.  My wife Amy informed me that we were going to rent a peddle bike one day and ride around the bay.  We collected our two ton peddle bike (not really but felt like it) and headed off on the ride.  It was my wife, my son and myself.  My son was 3 or so at the time so he didn’t help.  My wife was holding my son so she didn’t help.  And, I have to say, the damn thing was a TANK!  We made it about 200 yards, turned right around and returned the dumb thing.  Ok, whats next dear?!?!?

A Beautiful Mind

San Diego Half Marathon Beautiful MindInteresting photos come around from time to time.  We stayed at the W San Diego to finish the trip and they have chalk boards in every room.  Ordinarily my wife is hyper cautious about our kids.  However my son thought the office chair was a toy, spun around on the thing and then slammed into the wall.  After recovering from that near disaster, we were looking for ways to keep him entertained.  So, in our good parenting best judgement, we stood him up on the desktop and let him play on the chalk board.  Turned out to be a very cool photo.

The Race

The race was the race!  I ran it!  I got a meddle.  Whoop!  Now, lets load the stuff back into the car and head back out to the Sonoran desert.  So beautiful there in the summer.  Mid 110’s.  Cannot wait.  Bye for now San Diego.

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