The Innovation Stack
The Innovation Stack


Book Summary:

A fantastic book about innovation and how four companies and their founders (Bank of Italy, Southwest Airlines, Square and Ikea) and how each business used a stacking of small innovations chained together in a unique way to solve a problem that had not yet been solved.  The books cites examples from four VERY different industries and how this can be used for YOUR startup or business today.

Favorite Quote(s):

“There is always a reason no one has done it, and the reason is rarely that they just aren’t as smart as you. An inventive as you might be, there’s only an infinitesimal chance that you’re the first person to invent whatever you think you invented.” (page 34)  ~ Jim McKelvey

“We did the absolute minimum amount of invention that we could do to survive and, in the process of doing that, ended up with over a dozen things that nobody had ever done.” (page 57)  ~ Jim McKelvey

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