Training for the Uphill Athlete
Training for the Uphill Athlete


Book Summary:

Although the title of this book and many of the stories in this book are about high elevation endurance athletics, this is a book for ANY and EVERY endurance athlete who is looking to improve their aerobic fitness.  This book breaks down the physiology of fat and glucose metabolism, zone training, suggested training plans and a comparison of the top three and more.  The athlete stories are FANTASTIC!

Favorite Quote(s):

“The only ones who hate long, slow, aerobic capacity — building runs and skis are those who have never known what it feels like to sail up the mountain, nose to the wind, with ease.”.  ~ p. 12

“Smart training needs to be targeted at enhancing specific metabolic processes rather than the popular, but misguided, method of going as hard as you can, for as long as you can, as often as you can.”.  ~ p. 12

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